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music news videos

Ron Fairchild Music

If you love soft, easy-listening jazz, you will love this CD. Ron Fairchild is a award-winning musician and composer. He has produced and back 100s of CDs. Check out the CD in the "Music Library."


Richard Frey has created the perfect mood music for relaxing with a glass of wine and roaring fire. Check out his CD in the "Music Library"

Alter Egos

Jimi Fitz brings back rock & roll in a super human way; introducing new and past originals -- including a remake of his '80s hit: Audio/Video.

Cory Walker Live in NYC

Cory Walker performing at Billie\'s Black on May 7th

The Beatles ended 41 Years Ago

The Beatles called it quits on April 1, 1970 -- but the last time the fab four were to ever together again was August, 1969.

Elvis Presley: Remembering 1961 Benefit Concert

Fifty years ago, Elvis Presley helped raise money and directed much-needed attention to the stalled efforts to build the USS Arizona Memorial.

25th Anniversary of Moonwalk

On March 25, 1983, Jackson performed "Billie Jean" to critical and popular acclaim.

Elizabeth Taylor: the Last Golden Age Star

Elizabeth Taylor; ther final farewell; see her video tribute in the "Movie Theatre" section.

Music for Japan Relief

Music for Relief is responding to a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake which struck off the coast of Japan on March 11, 2011 triggering a deadly tsunami and causing unimaginable destruction.

Dancing Elephants

A fun video featuring Bill Kenner as the singing Bull Elephant. The music is performed by The Jumbo Shrimp Band; from their CD "A Blue Neighborhood." Check out the CD in the "Music Library."

Jimmy Webb Live

Hear Jimmy Webb talk about latest CD in the "Movie Theatre" section. You can also check out his CD in the "Music Library" section.

Jim Thompson

Kenpo Master Jim Thompson tells us several fascinating stories of being a martial arts master before anyone ever heard of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, or Jackie Chan.